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TRIPLE YOUR DAMAGE – The First Descendant Damage Guide / How To Increase DPS

Increasing your damage output in The First Descendant can dramatically enhance your gameplay, making battles against formidable enemies much more manageable. Whether you’re a new player or an experienced one, understanding how to maximize your DPS (damage per second) is crucial. This guide will walk you through the essential steps and tips to increase your damage significantly.

Quick Answer

Maximizing your damage in The First Descendant involves a strategic approach to mod selection and enhancements:

  • Increasing firearm attack
  • Stacking complementary mods
  • Optimizing mod capacity
  • Enhancing critical hit rates and magazine sizes


We’re diving deep into the mechanics of increasing your damage in The First Descendant. We’ll be using the firing range laboratory to test and demonstrate these strategies. By the end of this guide, you’ll know how to triple your damage and make your weapons more powerful than ever before.

The Misleading Nature of DPS Numbers

First, let’s address the DPS number you see on your weapon. In our tests, a regular gun with no mods shows a DPS of 46,783. However, this number is misleading and doesn’t accurately reflect your true damage potential. It’s more important to focus on practical measures of damage output, such as the actual damage per shot and the application of mods.

Baseline Weapon Performance

Using a base gun, we observe the following damage outputs:

  • Regular shots: around 2,000 damage
  • Yellow (critical) shots: around 3,000 damage
  • Headshots: up to 5,397 damage

These figures provide a baseline before any enhancements or mods are applied.

The Importance of Firearm Attack

Firearm attack is a fundamental stat that directly impacts your weapon’s damage. On our baseline weapon, we have a 5.6% firearm attack increase. Ideally, you want this to be a gold-level mod, providing around 8% more damage. This alone can boost your damage significantly.

Step-by-Step Mod Enhancements

Rifling Reinforcement

Adding the Rifling Reinforcement mod, which provides a +12% firearm attack, increases the headshot damage to around 6,000. This demonstrates how even a single mod can substantially enhance your damage output.

Fire Enhancement Mod
Fire Enhancement Mod

Fire Enhancement Mod

Next, we add a fire enhancement mod that adds fire attack equal to 8% of your firearm attack. This not only boosts the direct damage but also introduces burn damage, further increasing your overall DPS. After applying this mod, headshot damage increases to 6,330, with additional burn damage effects.

6000 Damage
6330 Damage

Stacking Mods for Maximum Damage

When gearing up for endgame content, it’s crucial to stack multiple mods. Here’s a recommended mod setup:

  • Fire Enhancement
  • Rifling Reinforcement
  • Fire Rate Increase

This combination boosts both your direct damage and your rate of fire, allowing you to deal more damage quickly.

Stacking Mods
Stacking Mods

Optimizing Your Mod Capacity

Each mod takes up a certain amount of capacity. Enhancing mods increases their effectiveness but also their capacity requirement. For instance, upgrading Rifling Reinforcement to +23% firearm attack significantly boosts damage but also requires more capacity.

To manage this, use crystallization catalysts to halve the capacity cost of certain mods, giving you more room to add additional enhancements.

Practical Application and Testing

With our optimized setup, we see a noticeable increase in damage:

  • Headshot damage now reaches 7,353
  • Yellow and orange hits increase by at least 1,000 to 2,000
  • White (non-critical) hits remain similar but benefit from overall increased DPS

Enhancing each mod further would continue to boost these numbers, demonstrating the compounded benefits of mod stacking.

7000 Damage
Damage Increased to 7353

Importance of Specific Mods

Fire Rate Mod

Increasing your fire rate allows more bullets to hit the target in less time, further boosting your DPS. While enhancing this mod, remember to balance capacity to avoid exceeding your limits.

Reload Time Mod

A reload time modifier is essential for weapons with high fire rates, as it minimizes downtime between volleys of shots. Combining this with a fire rate mod ensures continuous high DPS.

Critical Hit and Magazine Mods

Including mods that increase your critical hit rate and magazine size can also enhance your DPS. More frequent critical hits mean more high-damage shots, and a larger magazine allows for sustained damage output before needing to reload.

The Descendant Modules

Firearm attack principles also apply to Descendant modules, which can enhance your abilities. For instance, increasing toxic damage when fighting specific enemies like the Devourer can be highly effective. Pairing skill power modifiers with specific elemental damage enhancements creates a potent combination.


In summary, maximizing your damage in The First Descendant involves a strategic approach to mod selection and enhancement. Focus on:

  • Increasing firearm attack
  • Stacking complementary mods
  • Optimizing mod capacity
  • Enhancing critical hit rates and magazine sizes

By following these guidelines and regularly upgrading your gear, you’ll see a dramatic increase in your damage output, making even the toughest battles more manageable. Remember, persistence and smart planning are key to mastering the damage mechanics in the game. Happy hunting!


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