How to Beat the Devourer The First Descendant

How to Beat the Devourer The First Descendant

The Devourer is one of the most formidable Colossi in The First Descendant, often considered a gatekeeper to the endgame. Its toxic attacks and robust healing mechanisms pose a significant challenge, but with the right strategies, gear, and teamwork, you can defeat this mighty foe. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you conquer the Devourer.

Understanding the Devourer

Elemental Weaknesses and Strengths:

  • Main Element: Toxin
  • Weakness: Electricity

Switch your weapon loadouts and Descendant mods to maximize Electricity damage. The Bunny Descendant, with its electrical abilities, is especially effective against the Devourer. Additionally, increasing your Toxin resistance will help you withstand its attacks. The Toxin Antibody mod is particularly useful.

Bunny electrical abilities
Bunny electrical abilities

Preparing for the Fight

Gear and Mods:

  • Electric Enhancement: Equip mods that add Electricity damage to your weapons.
  • Piercing Damage: Use weapons that deal piercing damage, particularly effective on the Devourer’s weak points.
  • Critical Hit and Weak Point Mods: These mods will increase your damage output significantly.
  • Toxin Resistance: Equip mods that improve your resistance to Toxin damage.


  • Prioritize high-level weapons to benefit the most from percentage-based damage mods.
  • Beam rifles and weapons with high attack damage and Electricity enhancements are ideal.


  • Bunny: Excellent for dealing massive Electricity damage and clearing ads.
  • Ajax: Can provide protection with its bubble shield and is useful for avoiding toxic missile attacks.
  • Lepic: Can debuff the Devourer’s health regeneration with the Nerve Infiltration skill.

Identifying Weak Points

The Devourer’s weak spots are located on its:

  • Knees
  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Small eyes

These spots are initially protected by armor. Focus on bringing all armor to their yellow state before fully destroying any of them. This approach ensures you’re prepared for the Symbionts phase without leaving yourself vulnerable.

Combat Strategies
Combat Strategies

Combat Strategies

Weak Point Focus:

  • Continuously scan for weak points and target them for maximum damage.
  • When armor is destroyed, the Devourer will be stunned, allowing you to deal significant damage.

Managing Symbionts:

  • The Devourer deploys Symbionts that heal it rapidly. Destroying these is crucial to preventing its health regeneration.
  • Each Symbiont has a shield bubble, so get close and use shotguns for quick destruction.
  • Coordinate with your team to ensure each member targets a different Symbiont.

Dodging Attacks:

  • Toxic Missiles: Run to cover to avoid damage, or use Ajax’s bubble shield.
  • Toxic Orbs: Disperse into projectiles, so stay mobile and avoid the area.

Team Coordination

Symbiont Destruction:

  • Prioritize Symbionts as soon as they appear.
  • Avoid grouping up to minimize the impact of the Devourer’s special attacks.

Survival Tips:

  • Stay alive and avoid unnecessary risks. If you go down, your team will waste time reviving you.
  • If a team member leaves, try to continue with the remaining players, as it’s possible to succeed with fewer members if everyone is well-coordinated.

Special Techniques

Using the Scan Feature:

  • Use the scanning feature (press TAB on PC) to monitor the Devourer’s rage meter. This will help you anticipate when it’s about to enter the healing phase.

Exploiting Stun Opportunities:

  • When the Devourer is about to rage, use a grappling hook to destroy its shoulder plates, stunning it longer and allowing more damage before the healing phase.
Intercept Successful
Intercept Successful

Final Tips

Persistence and Patience:

  • Don’t get discouraged if you fail multiple times. The Devourer is meant to be a challenging boss, and it may take several attempts to master the fight.

Optimize Builds:

  • Continuously improve your gear and mods. Farming for specific modules can make a significant difference.


  • Communication and coordination with your team are key. Ensure everyone understands their role and focuses on weak points and Symbionts appropriately.

With these strategies, you should be well-prepared to face the Devourer. Good luck, and happy hunting!


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