How to Beat Pyromaniac Easily _ The First Descendant Void Intercept Boss Fight

How to Beat Pyromaniac Easily | The First Descendant Void Intercept Boss Fight

Today, I will be sharing with you some tips on how to defeat the Pyromaniac Void Intercept boss. This guide will help you understand the best strategies, descendants, and equipment to use, ensuring your success in this challenging battle.

Quick Answer

Key Points to Defeat Pyromaniac in The First Descendant:

  • Avoid Using Bunny: Low survivability and ineffective electric damage.
  • Best Descendant Choice:
    • Ajax: Orbit Barrier and HyperCube abilities block damage and enhance team defense.
    • Other Options: Glay, Jabber, and Frina are also effective, especially Frina for her toxic damage and tanky abilities.
  • Elemental Resistance:
    • Heat Antibody and Fire Resistance: Essential to withstand Pyromaniac’s fire damage.
  • Weapon Modding:
    • Mods: Firearm bonus and chill enhancement.
    • Weapon Types: Sniper rifle or scout rifle for targeting weak spots and dealing with hummingbirds.
    • High-Level Weapons: Use the highest level possible, enhanced through the workbench and dismantling unneeded weapons.
  • Combat Strategies:
    • Target Weak Spots: Focus on shoulders and weak points to stun the boss.
    • Deal with Hummingbirds: Kill them quickly to prevent rage meter supercharge.
    • Manage Rage Phase: Avoid fire rings and try to delay the phase for better control.
  • Survival and Coordination:
    • Defensive Abilities: Prioritize survival over aggression.
    • Team Coordination: Ensure each member understands their role, especially in managing the rage phase.
    • Continuous Improvement: Check looted weapons for potential upgrades before dismantling.

Choosing the Right Descendants

Avoid Using Bunny

First of all, don’t ever use Bunny in this mission. Aside from the fact that electric damage is not effective against the Pyromaniac boss, Bunny has low survivability. One mistake can quickly melt your shield and health, leading to frequent revives and distractions.

Best Descendants for the Battle


The best descendant I have seen so far for this boss fight is Ajax. His Orbit Barrier and HyperCube abilities make the fight super easy, as they block all incoming damage. This allows you to focus entirely on dealing damage to the boss without worrying about defense.

  • Orbit Barrier: This ability creates a shield that blocks incoming damage, giving you and your teammates the protection needed to stay in the fight longer.
  • HyperCube: This skill provides an additional layer of defense and can absorb a significant amount of damage, making it easier to survive the Pyromaniac’s powerful attacks.

Using Ajax ensures you won’t have to constantly worry about reviving your teammates, allowing the entire team to concentrate on dealing damage to the Pyromaniac.

The First Descendant - Ajax
The First Descendant – Ajax

Other Viable Options

  • Glay and Jabber: These are also great choices, but I’m focusing on the free-to-play path here, using descendants that you get at first or as starter descendants.
  • Frina: If you started with Lipic, don’t worry. You can farm Frina early in the game. Frina’s toxic damage abilities are excellent for depleting the boss’s health, and her defense mechanism ability provides high survivability.
  • Viesa: Although she can deal cold damage, which is somewhat effective, Ajax is generally more helpful for the whole team.
Beat Pyromaniac Easily
Beat Pyromaniac Easily

Preparation and Modding

Elemental Resistance

  • Heat Antibody and Fire Resistance: Don’t forget to mod your descendant with heat antibody and increase your fire resistance up to the recommended level. High health and defense won’t help much if you lack elemental resistance, as the Pyromaniac’s fire damage will burn through your health quickly.

Weapons and Enhancements

  • Firearm Bonus and Chill Enhancement: Mod your weapons for firearm bonus and chill enhancement. This will allow you to inflict more damage, especially on the Pyromaniac’s weak points.
  • Weapon Type: Use either a sniper rifle or a scout rifle. These weapons are ideal for hitting weak spots and dealing with the hummingbirds the Pyromaniac spawns.
  • Highest Level Weapons: Use the highest level weapons available. Aside from modules, the workbench can increase your weapons’ DPS. Use liquid material to craft control axes for stat replacement or phase exchangers to level up your guns, which are easily acquired by dismantling unnecessary weapons.
Boss Fight
Boss Fight

Combat Strategies

Focus on Weak Spots

  • Weak Spot Damage: Try to hit the weak spots of the Pyromaniac to deal more damage. Focus on his shoulders to break them, which will stun him longer during the rage phase.
  • Hummingbirds: If he spawns hummingbirds, kill them immediately to prevent the supercharging of his rage meter.

Managing the Rage Phase

  • Avoiding Fire Rings: In your first attempt, focus on avoiding the rings of fire and shoot the crystal at the back of the boss.
  • Delaying Rage Phase: It’s better to delay the rage phase as it can be chaotic. Sometimes, the phase ends before you can destroy the crystal, so manage your damage output to control the rage phase duration.
The First Descendant Void Intercept Boss Fight
The First Descendant Void Intercept Boss Fight

General Tips

  • Survival Over Aggression: Prioritize your survival by using defensive abilities and maintaining your elemental resistance.
  • Team Coordination: If playing with a team, ensure that each member understands their role, especially in targeting weak spots and managing the rage phase.
  • Continuous Improvement: Check all looted weapons before dismantling them for enhancement materials, as rare weapons with good DPS and stats can drop in open-world areas during missions.


Defeating the Pyromaniac in The First Descendant requires strategic preparation and the right choice of descendants. Avoid using Bunny due to her low survivability and ineffective electric damage. Instead, opt for tanky descendants like Ajax, whose Orbit Barrier and HyperCube abilities can block incoming damage and help you focus on dealing damage to the boss. Other viable options include Glay, Jabber, and Frina, with their respective strengths.

I hope these tips will help you kill the Pyromaniac boss and proceed to the next area. If you found this guide informative, please comment below and share the article with your friends.


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