Are There Microtransactions in The First Descendant

Are There Microtransactions in The First Descendant?

In the gaming community, the much-awaited free cooperative action RPG by Nexon, The First Descendant has created quite a stir. There’s a question that lingers for most of the free-to-play games—does this new game encourage us to buy stuff (in-game purchases)? If so, how do said purchases influence the way we interact while playing? This post will examine the microtransactions available in The First Descendant game together with their implications for your gameplay experiences.

Quick Answer

Are There Microtransactions in The First Descendant?

  • Yes, The First Descendant does feature microtransactions. Given its free-to-play model, this is a primary way for the developers to monetize the game. However, it’s crucial to understand the nature of these microtransactions and how they are implemented.

Types of Microtransactions

The microtransactions in The First Descendant typically fall into the following categories:

1. Cosmetic Items:

  • Skins and Outfits: Players are able to buy skins and outfits, which serve to adorn the appearance of their characters. These serve no function in the game but just look good on you.
  • Weapons Skins: They are identical to character skins only that they are used on weapons so as to personalize them for players or owners with no gameplay advantages at all.
The First Descendant
The First Descendant

2. Convenience Items:

  • Experience Boosters: Things that help you get to the next level quicker are called Experience Boosters. They speed up the process of acquiring experience in games so you can reach higher levels faster.
  • Resource Packs: In-game resources packed into purchaseable kits are called Resource Packs. They are used in crafting new items or improving old ones by players.

3. Season Passes:

  • Battle Passes: The game may offer seasonal battle passes that provide a mix of cosmetic items, in-game currency, and other rewards as players progress through the tiers.
Credit: LaserBolt | The First Descendant Battle Pass PREVIEW and Battle Supply Shop Items, Skins, Weapons

Impact on Gameplay

Concerns typically arise when players question whether they will be paying more money just so they can win games through use of real funds. Nonetheless, The First Descendant is an example of a game where game designers have chosen to adjust microtransaction features in such a way that gameplay remains unaffected by unfair advantages brought about by these purchases.

  • Cosmetic Focus: When it comes to game mechanics and abilities, most microtransactions dwell on cosmetic items to provide equal shares for everybody.
  • No Pay-to-Win: This entertainment refuses to indulge in any pay-to-win situation whereby no power-up items are for sale. Rather than a skill-based advantage, time-saving items such as resource packs and experience boosters are created to save time.
  • Earnable Content: Many items that can be bought have also been made available in-game in such a way they do not forcibly require one to spend real-life money to acquire them.

Community Feedback and Developer Response

Since the launch of The First Descendant, the developers have been attentive to what the community has said about microtransactions. They are dedicated to ensuring that the money-making system is fair enough so that it can provide all players with fun. There is always consistent updating and communication that tackles any issues that might come up or needs adjustment when necessary.


Although The First Descendant contains microtransactions, they are mainly about things like making your character look different or allowing you to play more easily without affecting how well you can compete in the game itself.

This is to say that even if you pay nothing to access this game, it is still very possible for you to enjoy it alongside someone else who spends money on it each month. All in all, microtransactions do not take away from anything that The First Descendant has to offer because there are so many interesting aspects to it without them as well.


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