32 Things In Fortnite That Make No Sense

32 Things In Fortnite That Make No Sense

Fortnite is known for its creativity and frequent collaborations, bringing in a myriad of characters, events, and items that captivate players. However, sometimes the game’s choices and mechanics can leave players scratching their heads. Here are 32 things in Fortnite that make absolutely no sense.

1. Luxurious Cars and Star Wars Missteps

In Fortnite, you can drive high-end cars like McLarens, Lamborghini, and even a custom Adidas car. The detail is impressive, but the game flopped during the Star Wars event. The Mandalorian was a battle pass exclusive, and despite the event’s celebration, a new variant was never introduced. Instead, we got a random car, missing a golden opportunity for thematic content.

2. Rocket Launchers and Loaded Missiles

One of Fortnite’s most frustrating mechanics is the rocket launcher. You could be in the middle of a firefight and find yourself out of rockets, even though the launcher shows a missile still loaded. This inconsistency is baffling.

3. The Slim Shady Letdown

Fortnite’s Eminem collaboration was highly anticipated. An entire concert was designed, a festival was announced, and a new outfit was dropped. However, players were disappointed to find no Eminem songs in the game. Meanwhile, Metallica’s concert has been a festival feature for weeks, with no clear explanation for this discrepancy.

4. The Misaligned Mech

The mech loading screen looks normal at first glance, but a closer inspection reveals that the Brute Navigator is controlling the guns while the Brute Gunner is navigating. This blatant mistake was an oversight by Epic Games.

5. Hulk’s Unchanging Form

The introduction of Hulk in Fortnite was impressive given his massive size. Yet, his outfits remain nonsensical. Unlike other characters who can transform into their alter egos, Hulk does not have a Bruce Banner form, which feels like a missed opportunity.

6. The Zipline Enigma

Ziplines in Fortnite defy logic. Watching your character being carried by a magnet above their head raises the question: is their brain made of metal? This odd mechanic stretches the limits of disbelief.

7. The Invincible Misnomer

The “Guardians of the Globe” bundle includes Mark, Omni-Man, and Adam Eve, none of whom are actually part of the Guardians of the Globe. This misnomer adds another layer of confusion for players familiar with the source material.

8. Fallout’s Useless Wrap

The Fallout collaboration introduced a wrap featuring a kill counter. However, when paired with the Power Armor, the counter becomes unreadable due to the suit’s size. This design flaw is both hilarious and frustrating.

9. Loki’s Mythological Mix-Up

The Loki bundle dropped alongside the Thor Ragnarok set, linking Loki, Hela, and Sylvie—all Norse gods. However, this season was themed around Greek mythology, making the timing and selection seem out of place.

10. Refueling Mysteries

Refueling cars in Fortnite involves hosing them down, which works even on electric vehicles, recharging their batteries with gas. This unrealistic mechanic adds to the game’s list of puzzling features.

11. Spider-Verse Characters

Miles and Gwen from The Spider-Verse were translated well into Fortnite, complete with detailed faces. However, Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel) remains locked in his suit, despite appearing mostly unmasked in the film.

12. Family Guy’s Cannibalistic Implications

The giant chicken from Family Guy holding drumsticks as a pickaxe is bizarre. There’s no scene in the show depicting this, leading to unsettling implications about his character.

13. Pulse Rifle’s Bullet Requirement

The pulse rifle fires lasers but uses medium bullets, unlike other energy weapons with infinite ammo and a cooldown. This inconsistency in weapon mechanics is perplexing.

14. Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy Confusion

When Free Guy was announced, players expected the main character, Guy, only to find Dude, a minor character from the film, in the game instead.

15. Attack on Titan’s Youthful Versions

The Attack on Titan collaboration featured young versions of Eren Jaeger, Levi, and Mikasa, despite promoting the final season where they are adults. This mismatch was a letdown for fans.

16. Marvel and DC Mix-Ups

The Last Laugh bundle featured DC characters during a Marvel season, with Poison Ivy and the Joker alongside Midas. This mix-up seemed to dilute the impact of the crossover.

17. Emperor Palpatine’s Chair

The Empire Hideout set included a chair belonging to Emperor Palpatine, a character not yet in Fortnite. His only presence has been as a narrator in a live event and through this Lego chair.

18. Nitro Drums’ Disappointing Damage

The Nitro Drums area, designed for car battles, features deadly spinning blades. However, these blades do less damage than a repair torch, undermining the intended danger.

19. Lego and Marvel Skins

Many Lego skins are sculpted from scratch, while Marvel skins often reuse original Fortnite outfits. This approach is hit-or-miss, with Star-Lord looking more like the MCU version than the original.

20. Shang-Chi’s MCU Promotion Fail

The Shang-Chi skin was meant to promote his new MCU film. However, the in-game version looked nothing like the character, disappointing fans.

21. Misplaced Sports Collaborations

The Fortnite Football Club randomly placed icon series skins in soccer kits. While Neymar made sense, LeBron James (a basketball player) and Chloe Kim (a snowboarder) felt out of place.

22. Stranger Things’ Pickaxe Problem

The return of Stranger Things included Eleven but featured pickaxes belonging to Eddie and Steve, who were not in Fortnite. This oversight was awkward and disappointing.

23. Star Wars Lightsaber Letdown

Despite turning mythic weapons into pickaxes, the Star Wars event did not include a lightsaber as a harvesting tool. Instead, players got Darth Maul Wheels, a strange cosmetic choice.

24. Battle Bus Capacity

Trailers show the Battle Bus carrying about 25 people, yet it fits 100 players in the game. This visual discrepancy has long been a point of contention.

25. Transformers’ Non-Transformation

Transformers like Optimus Prime arrived in Fortnite without their vehicle forms or even an emote for transformation, which was a letdown for fans.

26. Assault Rifle Iron Sight Reversal

The classic assault rifle had its iron sight placed backward for multiple chapters. Epic quietly corrected this, hoping no one would notice.

27. Character Height Mismatches

In Fortnite, Thanos is 8’3″ and Peter Griffin is 6 feet tall, yet Peter Griffin appears taller in-game. Similarly, Peely, nearly 7 feet tall, adds to the game’s odd character proportions.

28. Fortnite Mares’ Odd Choices

Fortnite Mares 2022 introduced Mr. Meeseeks and Summer, odd additions for Halloween. The Horde Rush LTM included Pickle Rick, an even stranger choice.

29. Midas’ Gauntlet Revelation

Midas has long been shown controlling his touch, yet it was recently revealed that Jules made gauntlets for him to do so. This revelation contradicts previous lore.

30. Hulk’s Outfits

Unlike other superhero characters who can transform into their alter egos, Hulk does not have a Bruce Banner form, making his in-game presence somewhat incomplete.

31. Magnetic Ziplines

The magnetic ziplines in Fortnite make players wonder if their character’s brain is made of metal, given how they’re carried by a magnet above their head.

32. Eminem’s Missing Music

Despite a major Eminem collaboration announcement, players found no Eminem songs in the game, a glaring omission compared to the extended presence of Metallica’s music.

These inconsistencies and odd choices may seem nitpicky, but they add to the unique charm and sometimes frustrating experience of Fortnite. Despite the confusion, the game continues to entertain millions, proving that even the most nonsensical elements can be part of its appeal.


Fortnite’s blend of creativity, pop culture collaborations, and engaging gameplay has cemented its place as a beloved game worldwide. However, it’s not without its quirks and inconsistencies. From odd character collaborations to baffling in-game mechanics, these 32 things highlight the peculiarities that make Fortnite both frustrating and endearing.

While these elements may not always make sense, they contribute to the unique experience that keeps players coming back for more. In the end, Fortnite’s charm lies in its ability to surprise and entertain, even if it sometimes leaves us scratching our heads. As players, we learn to embrace the absurdity and enjoy the ride, no matter how nonsensical it may be.


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