The NEW FORTNITE SUMMER Update! (Nitro Fists, Cars & NPC's)

The NEW FORTNITE SUMMER Update! (Nitro Fists, Cars & NPC’s)

Epic Games has rolled out the much-anticipated Fortnite Summer Update, bringing several notable changes to the game. However, the community’s reaction has been mixed, to say the least. Let’s break down what’s new, what’s missing, and the overall impact of these updates.

Key Changes in the Summer Update

  1. Nitro Fists, Cars, and NPCs Vaulted:
  • One of the biggest changes is the vaulting of Nitro Fists, cars, and NPCs. This move has left many players puzzled and some frustrated, as these elements were integral to the gameplay experience.
  • With the NPCs gone, players can no longer obtain mythic items through them. This change significantly impacts the gameplay dynamic, especially for those who rely on NPCs for powerful loot.
  1. Ranked Play Adjustments:
  • The update has introduced major changes to ranked play. Vehicles and vehicle items are disabled, which includes the removal of boss cars. This alteration aims to balance the gameplay, particularly for competitive players who found certain items overpowered.
  • The absence of Nitro Fists in ranked play, however, has been inconsistent, with reports of players still obtaining them through various means, leading to confusion and potential unfair advantages.
  1. New Quests:
  • Epic has introduced new quests to keep players engaged over the summer. While quests are a staple of Fortnite updates, the lack of a full-fledged trailer and substantial content has left some players feeling underwhelmed.
  • The update is intended to last until July 18, suggesting that Epic is testing the waters with these changes and might revert or adjust them based on player feedback.
Fortnite Gameplay
Fortnite Gameplay

Community Reaction

The response to the summer update has been largely critical. Many players feel that the changes are akin to being given an iPad as a distraction while Epic takes a break. The update has been described as “absolutely horrendous” by some in the community, who expected more substantial content and improvements.

The comparison to previous summer events is stark. Earlier updates included new points of interest (POIs), decorations, and more engaging content, making this year’s offerings seem sparse in comparison.

Potential Positives

Despite the backlash, there are some potential positives from the update:

  • Separate Loot Pools: The changes to ranked play could hint at a future where there are distinct loot pools for casual and competitive modes. This separation could balance the game better, addressing long-standing complaints from the competitive community about overpowered items.
  • Gameplay Balance: The removal of vehicles and certain items might lead to a more skill-based game environment, focusing on traditional combat skills rather than gimmicks.

What’s Next?

Epic Games is likely to monitor player feedback closely during this update period. The current state of the game, especially in ranked play, is very much a test phase. Adjustments and fixes are expected, particularly regarding the inconsistent availability of vaulted items like Nitro Fists.

Players are encouraged to dive into ranked play to experience the new dynamics and provide feedback. The hope is that Epic will take this input to refine the game further, potentially leading to a more balanced and enjoyable Fortnite experience.


The Fortnite Summer Update has brought significant changes that have stirred up the community. While some players appreciate the effort to balance ranked play, others are disappointed by the lack of substantial new content and the removal of beloved features.

As Epic Games continues to evolve Fortnite, player feedback will be crucial in shaping future updates and maintaining the game’s popularity.

For now, players can jump into ranked play to see how the absence of cars, NPCs, and Nitro Fists changes the game and to enjoy the summer quests, even if they are less than what was hoped for.


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