The First Descendant Where to Find Anais

The First Descendant Where to Find Anais

The game has many Non Playable Characters (NPCs) that players meet as they are playing the game. These characters will provide necessary information facilitating the narration of the story, as well as missions and side quests. The most noteworthy among these is Alpha who gives out main story quests. Others such as Anais help unlock new Descendants so that players can access more powerful arms and enhancements.

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Where to Find Anais in The First Descendant:

  • Magister Anais is located in the southwestern part of Albion near the southwest fast-travel point.
  • Essential for researching new Descendants and crafting powerful weapons and enhancements in The First Descendant.

Where to Find Anais

Magister Anais, one of the most important NPCs in the game, is located in the southwestern part of Albion. Here’s how to find her:

  1. Southwestern Fast-Travel Point: The closest fast-travel location to Anais is the southwestern one. From here, head north and turn left. You’ll see an open circular building directly in front of you where Anais is located.
  2. Northern Fast-Travel Point: Alternatively, you can use Albion’s northern fast-travel location, which is where you usually appear when entering Albion. From here, head past the Seneca and turn right. Continue past HQ and Alpha until you reach the workshops. This route also leads you to the open circular building where Anais is found.
Southwestern part of Albion
The southwestern part of Albion

Why Anais is Important

Magister Anais plays a crucial role in The First Descendant. After Alpha, who is essential for progressing through the main missions, Anais is the NPC players will visit most frequently. Here’s why:

  • Research and Crafting: Anais allows players to research new Descendants, powerful weapons, and enhancements. These tools are essential for handling more challenging enemies and Void Bosses.
  • Material Resources: All the material resources needed to create new Descendants, weapons, and enhancements are researched and crafted with Anais’s help.
Southwestern part of Albion near the southwest fast-travel point
The southwestern part of Albion near the southwest fast-travel point


Locating Magister Anais is very necessary for moving forward In The First Descendant. Utilize the Southernmost fast-travel point being so close to him or her is easier. In addition to improving the skills for upcoming challenges allowing them to deal with more, she is capable of doing that.

Credit: MonkeyKingHero | Where to find Magisters Anais in The First Descendant


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