What is the meaning of the Purple Star on Twitter

What is the meaning of the Purple Star on Twitter / X? [Quick Answer]

Twitter (X) is a large platform with new features constantly being added to upgrade the platform and enhance the user’s online experience. After Elon Musk recently acquired Twitter, the social media platform experienced a series of unexpected changes, updates, and new features that have left many users feeling perplexed. To enhance your Twitter experience, it is necessary to understand these features and their uses.

This guide will focus on elaborating the meaning of the purple star, a new feature added to the Twitter platform, as well as its usage. Therefore, keep reading to enlighten yourself and learn the meaning of the purple star feature.

Quick Answer

  • The purple star on Twitter / X means recommended tweets. It signifies that the tweets are personalized recommendations for you.
Purple Star in Notifications on X

Purple Star on Twitter

Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur, has acquired Twitter, after which the platform experienced unexpected changes, updates, and new features that have left many confused. Among the noticeable changes include the repositioning of like and button options, the introduction of view counts for tweets, and dividing the homepage into sections, among other adjustments.

However, the most recent upgrade that confused the users was the appearance of a mysterious purple star accompanying tweets. This new feature has sparked curiosity among users, with everyone attempting to understand its meaning.

Understanding Purple Star On Twitter

So the question is what is this purple star and what functions does it perform on Twitter? The purple star on Twitter is often found in the notifications tab. It signifies that the tweets are personalized recommendations for you. It is also known as Twitter Highlights.

Furthermore, these recommendations are tailored based on your previous likes, the account you follow, and the content that matches your preferences and interests. In addition, Twitter issues notifications by analyzing your profile interest, your interaction with both followed and unfollowed accounts, as well as engagement with tweets through likes, comments, and bookmarks.

Additionally, purple star tweets might be influenced by your location- the places you have been while using the app. Moreover, in certain cases, where you have been inactive on the platform for a long time, the purple star recommended tweets serve as a unique approach to retain the user’s interest.

By suggesting tweets designed to pique your interest, Twitter aims to keep you informed of what you have missed, subtly encouraging continued usage. To sum up, the primary purpose of the purple star on Twitter is to suggest and recommend tweets. While it may be perceived as annoying and fills up your notifications, Twitter-recommended tweets are a way to discover and connect to new people.

How To Disable Purple Star Notification On Twitter?

There is no doubt that the purple star feature is quite useful and recommends new content but sometimes users may find it overwhelming. If you want to discontinue receiving tweets with the purple star attached, there are different solutions for it.

The first thing I will say is that boosting your activity on Twitter can be pretty helpful. Keep in mind that notifications are typically sent when an account is inactive, so staying engaged with your Twitter account will likely prevent the platform from sending you these tweets.

Moreover, the most effective way to stop receiving tweets on your notifications is to either disable the notification feature, block the respective account, or uninstall the app. Follow the following methods and instructions to disable purple star notifications on Twitter:

Mute Twitter Notifications

The first action you can take is to mute the tweet notifications. To carry out this action, follow the provided steps:

  • Open your mobile or any other device and open the Twitter app.
  • Swipe to the right of the screen to access the menu.
  • Now, locate and press the down arrow next to the “Settings and Support” option.
  • Select “Settings and Privacy” from the menu.
  • Within the settings options, search for the “Notification” section and click on “Preferences” from this section.
  • Tap on “Push Notifications“.
  • After going to the push notification section, scroll down and turn off all options related to recommendations.
Go to Settings and Support
Go to Settings and Support
Tap on Settings & Privacy
Tap on Settings & Privacy
Tap on Notifications
Tap on Notifications
Go to Preferences
Turn off recommendations
Turn off all the Notifications related to Recommendations

Block The User

Another thing you can do to stop recommendations is to mute or block the account suggested by Twitter when you receive notifications. If these accounts are not the ones you follow or have no interest in, blocking them is the best solution. Blocking the account, however, won’t prevent recommended posts from other accounts. To block a user on Twitter, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the User’s Profile: Go to the profile page of the user you want to block. You can do this by searching for their username or by clicking on their name if you see it in your timeline or replies.
  2. Access the Block Option: On the user’s profile page, look for the three-dot menu icon (•••) located next to the “Follow” button.
  3. Select “Block”: Click on the three-dot menu icon, and a drop-down menu will appear. From this menu, select “Block.”
  4. Confirmation: Twitter will prompt you to confirm your decision. Click on “Block” again to confirm. Once you block a user, they won’t be able to follow you, see your tweets (unless they’re logged out), or interact with your tweets.
  5. Blocked Users Settings: You can also manage your list of blocked accounts by going to your Twitter settings. From the Twitter website, click on your profile picture in the top right corner, then select “Settings and privacy” > “Privacy and safety” > “Blocked accounts“. Here, you can view and manage the list of accounts you’ve blocked.


After blocking a user, they won’t be notified that you’ve blocked them, but they may realize it if they try to visit your profile or interact with your tweets and find that they’re unable to do so.

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Final Verdict

To sum up, a purple star on Twitter is a new feature that suggests and recommends tweets to users that match their preferences and interests. This is a strategy adopted by Twitter to retain the interest of users and facilitate communication.

If you do not like this feature, there is also an option to disable the purple star notification on Twitter. Follow the instructions in this guide to turn off the purple star notifications.

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